Thursday, May 2, 2013

Giro DND Mountain BIke Glove

As an avid mountain biker, gloves are essential. They protect your hands from branches, falls, and the elements. The kind of rider you are will determine the type of glove you should buy. Being a cross country rider really makes it an easy decision. Simplicity and durability are my key attributes and the Giro DND glove has got it covered.

The DND glove is made of a super stretch moisture-wicking top, and Giros synthetic Clarion leather technology on the palm and fingers. Giro claims this specific material is extremely durable while not being too heavy duty in creating a perfect mold to your hand. Giro uses a three piece palm construction to aid in the fit of each individual size glove.

  • Giros Super Fit Engineering makes for a outstanding fit to your hand creating a natural feel on the handbars.
  • Giros Clarion Leather is not bulky and it doesn't bunch up like some other gloves.
  • The strap around the wrist is not to tight and there is no constriction in the fingers. (I can even use my I-phone with the glove on.)
  • The stitching is very tough. With a few falls, I have yet to notice any tearing at the seams.
  • The wiping surface on the top of the thumb/hand is highly absorbent and very soft.
  • The design is sleek and available in 4 different color options.
  • Price point 
  • The silicone fingertip print on both pairs of DND gloves I have owned have slowly started to peel off of my middle and index fingers.
  • I like the specific design of my Black and Tan model, but I do not like the esthetic of the glossy finish on the reinforced finger.
  • Don't let your dog get a hold of them, they will tear them up!

This Giro DND is an overall perfect fit for a cross country rider, The main idea is durability and a snug fit,  Giro nailed it. The DND is great in warm conditions but the black top of my
specific model conducts heat perfectly for those cooler rides. Although the silicon print has started to wear off, I don't know a glove manufacture that can keep the stuff on. I bought a large initially and I thought it was a bit tight. But with Giro's Super Fit the glove formed to my hand perfectly within a few rides. For the price of around $25.00, with 6 sizes, and 4 models the Giro DND glove just might be the best mountain bike glove I have ever put on.

Check out the the DND on the Giro website


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