Monday, March 18, 2013

Fruita Mountain Biking 3-11-13

Well well... what do you know, Fruita mountain biking is good to go. I've been closely keeping track of Over the edge sports Facebook page daily, once "all trails in the valley are good to go" came out on a status update, I had to get out there. Not to mention, it was time to get out of the busy-ness of Spring break 2013 here in Crested Butte. Temps were going to be in the low to high 60s for the duration of our two night, three day stay. The other excuse was to finally get back in bike shape. The Arizona Trail Race is just about a month away, and while I've been skiing every day, riding the rollers, and trying to do some basic exercises, it's just not the same. I needed to get on singletrack.
 One of my favorite places to ride a bike, just because of the access to camping. The campsite is literally surrounded by sweet singletrack.
The trails were fresh, almost too fresh as some of the winter dirt was untouched.
This was the extent of the snow remaining on the trials, Prime Cut had the most muddy spots.
Joe's Ridge at it's finest. I noticed these were the best conditions I've ever experienced out here. Tacky and not dusty, making clearing sections much more do-able. 
After hitting up the must do trials, Zippity Do Da, Joe's Ridge, Kessel Run, Prime Cut. It was time for some beers and food!
Good night...
The next morning we decided to hit up the Western Rim Trail in Rabbit Valley. First we stopped in to Over The Edge Sports in Fruita for some directions, those guys rock!
They told us to take the #2 Trail which was the alternative to the Kokopelli's Trail route. It was well worth it with much more singletrack.
This was the worse part of rabbit valley that we encountered, life is tough!
The entrance to the Western Rim Trail, the views would only get better.
The Trail followed the canyon rim with a mix of dirt and slick rock riding.

The Colorado River was in the background the majority of the trail.
This section was amazing, riding on the western rim required lots of stopping to take pictures.
The dessert is a beautiful place.
Not sure if this picture does these rocks justice. This cluster of large rocks seemed pretty unique, I had to stop and admire them.
Another successful day on the bike. The next morning we would get a quick ride in before we we would head back to winter. I've never been out to Fruita or the surrounding area so early in the year. The nights were a bit chilly but after leaving a mountain town 60 degrees feels more like 70 degrees. See ya in a few weeks Fruita...

Check out for a very large selection of maps and mountain bike guide books.
also check out the Kokopelli's Guide Book which will be released in early April. It's the most extensive and detailed guide book of the full 140 mile long Kokopelli's Trail.